Ocean Towage

SAL Shipping have the expertise and equipment to provide safe and reliable ocean towage for global point to point delivery.

Tugs operated by SAL have completed lots of big towage in past decade:

  • Towing semi-sub drilling rigs, like Sedco 600, Sedoc 601, Nanhai 6, Nanhai 5, Nanhai 2. Nanhai 7, Doo Sung
  • Towing jack up drilling rigs, like Ensco 108, Shelf Explorer, Bohai 4, COSL Boss, COSL Power, PV Drilling I, Seadill T-15
  • Towing FPSO, like P37, P40, Caribbean Blue, Kudam
  • Towing Pipelay barge and launch barges, like – SEMAC 1, S45, Intermac 650, Intermac 600, NHSY 221,

With high-horsepower tugs access to all SAL services, we can provide a marine transportation solution or a turnkey operation for your unique and challenging needs.

Our Towage services include:

  • Selection of the most optimal means of transport
  • Preparation of tows prior to departure
  • Towage related Engineering Works, such as Tow Manual
  • Supervision at the place of departure
  • Supervision and coordination at (intermediate) port calls
  • Supervision at the place of destination

Ocean Towage Records

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